Monday, September 24, 2007

Skype and Hike

So, I finally have Skype and have just had my debut call. It lasted 32 minutes, was to the UK and cost me nothing..... oh there was a very very slight delay. Not enough to annoy me though.
It still don't understand why it's so good, so cheap, well free. OK, it's pretty straight forward in terms of technology, but still ' the world we live in eh'.... whatever next!

So today I went on a hike. I like to call it a hike because for me it was. It only lasted about 2 hours and 28 minutes, and consisted of 5 km. To most, that's merely a walk but I don't walk much.
Nevertheless it was hard work. The first 50 minutes was, practically, a vertical climb. Relentless was my choice of curse as I rose up yet another stretch of pathway. What kept us going was the top of the trees and the promise, from the Lonely guide, that the panoramic views were stunning. Yet we climbed and climbed and the tree tops climbed with us..... It was a fairly long 50 minutes I can promise you that.
We finally reached stage 1 of 6. 0-1 was hardcore, 1-6 was bearable and definitely manageable.
The views were stunning.
A couple of choice pictures. As ever though pictures never do it justice. You have to add the panoramic aspect to an image and also the delight of reaching the top, after a steady climb - you can't get those mixed emotions looking at a J-peg. Apologies for the sweaty chest - it was hot today....
Once we reached stage 6 we took a bus back to stage 0. Just before getting on the bus a very kind man came up to us (Korean Man - in his 70's I would say) showed us his video camera and asked us (in fairly good English) "Who's this?"
It was David and I. He had been taking pictures of us and said it was very strange to see us.....

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